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Subject RE: a task for generating manifest information
Date Fri, 12 Oct 2001 08:52:35 GMT
> > <taskdef name="manifest" classname="ManifestFile"/>
> >
> > <target name="manf">
> >   <manifest file="" method="replaceAll">
> >     <entry value="Manifest-Version: 1_0"/>
> >     <entry value="Created-By: anonymous"/>
> >     <entry value="Main-Class: com.myfirm.A"/>
> >     <entry value="Implementation-Title: Simple Application"/>
> >     <entry value="Implementation-Version: build 1.0"/>
> >     <entry value="Implementation-Vendor: Some Firm Inc."/>
> >     <entry value="Implementation-Date: 11.Oktober 2001"/>
> >     <entry value="Implementation-Comment: bla bla"/>
> >  </manifest>
> > </target>


A useful task, which I could use as well.  Any plans to check it in?

I would like to see it provide the standard manifest headers as parameters
which you could set.  That way
you would avoid any typo's with the headers.  Also, use an update attribute
to denote if the manifest is
updated or created.

<manifest file="" update="yes">           // update denotes just
to change the parameters, default would create a new manifest file.
	<version value="${build.version}"/>
	<created-by value="anonymous"/>
	<main-class value="com.myfirm.A"/>
	<implementation-comment value="${comments}"/>

Best Regards,
Peter Flynn


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