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From Daisy Guo <>
Subject Is there any way to extract a substring from a propety?
Date Wed, 17 Oct 2001 16:17:28 GMT
I have a central build file and several sub build files, like this:


in the sub build files, all targets are named in the pattern
"sub_systemX_name" (X will the number of the directory the build file is in)

In the central build.xml, there is a target determine which build file and
which target to call:
<target name="call-sub-buildfile" >
	<ant dir="${sub.dir}" target="${}" />

Is there any way that I can abstract the ${sub.dir} from ${}
(something like <property name="sub.dir"
value="substring(${},0,${}.lastIndexOf("_"))"> ), so
the users do not have to set two properties?

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