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From Bevan Arps <>
Subject RE: Book on Ant
Date Thu, 04 Oct 2001 20:41:03 GMT
At 12:46 3/10/2001 +0100, Bhadra, Jatin wrote:
>I think it is a very good idea to have a chapter that gives suggestions on
>designing projects and build process. I think as Java forces developers to
>write good code. ANT should forces developers to have better project design,
>version control of releases and build process.

I don't think Java forces developers to write good code - bad developers 
write bad code no matter the language. I believe the advantage with Java is 
rather that it makes it easier for good developers to write good code.

Similarly, Ant doesn't (and IMHO shouldn't) mandate good practice - simply 
because good practice varies so much from situation to situation. Instead, 
it just makes it easier to have a good process because all the building 
blocks are there.

>Basically the idea is that build should be automated end to end, From
>extraction from version control to deployment on application server or any

I agree - except that I'd add that it need not be a single automated 
process. For example, our process starts with blank directories, gets 
source and finishes with archiving the completed build onto our server. We 
then use separate processes for deployment to Internal Testing, Business 
Acceptence Testing and Production.

We've found that some parts of the process require human decision making 
and shouldn't be automatic.

My 2c,

"Programming is an Art Form that Fights Back"

Bevan Arps (<>
Senior OO Analyst, ACT Financial Systems

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