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From Scott Ellsworth <>
Subject RE: Including a common build file with common targets.
Date Tue, 16 Oct 2001 21:32:07 GMT
Perhaps as an additional option, we could add a task that reads files, so 
just like the property task can have a file= option that reads in a bunch 
of properties, we could have a file= attribute for the generic task task.

Come to think, we might want it to be called something like "includeTask".

I believe this is better than the present XML includes, because it would 
let the included files go through separate parsing and validation.  This is 
possible because we would likely want them to be valid XML files that 
contain a tree of tasks.

Currently, because they are text included, they are not parsable XML.

Further, it might make it easier to get the proper line number for an ant 
failure.  Including files directly makes the line number in the error 
rather hard to interpret, IIRC.

Since I have not volunteered to write it, we may not see it for a while, 
but even having it on the to-do list would make it more likely to happen, 
and more likely to be done the way we all want it to be.  (Whatever that is...)

Scott Ellsworth

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