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From Scott Ellsworth <>
Subject Re: Have pity on an OS X user - problem solved
Date Thu, 04 Oct 2001 06:07:20 GMT
Howdy, all.

The key to the problem turned out to be the difference between "set" and 

Using the latter got it into the environment, rather than the level of a 
shell variable, and thus by simply adding

setenv JAVA_HOME /System/Library/Frameworks/Java.Framework/HOME
setenv ANT_HOME ~scott/documents/coding/ant-1.4

to my .tcshrc, all worked well.

This might be worth an FAQ entry, if only because it has been a problem 
before in another context.  It is a bit difficult for a new shell scripter 
to debug as well, because creating a shell variable is valid, if 
unhelpful.  One has to read the man pages several times to make it all make 

Thanks again to the people who helped me earlier with the recompilation 
scripts.  I now have our code happily building away on Windows and MacOS X.

Scott Ellsworth

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