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From Scott Ellsworth <>
Subject Have pity on an OS X user?
Date Thu, 04 Oct 2001 02:11:32 GMT
Howdy, all.

With the help of the people on this list, I now have my ant projects 
working happily on Windows.  I am now trying to get it set up on an OS X 
10.1 machine.

Could someone who has it working correctly there email me the part of their 
.tcshrc where they set up the path, the ANT_HOME, and the JAVA_HOME 
variables?  Even though I added the appropriate path, I keep getting "at? 
ok?" when I try to run ant.

at? ok?

 >echo $path
/Users/scott/bin/ant/bin /Users/scott/bin (Other entries...)

If I execute /Users/scott/bin/ant/bin/ant, it gives me the usual JAVA_HOME 
complaint, which I will address after I figure out what it is doing.

This says to me that my path setting statement
path = ( "/Users/scott/bin/ant/bin" $path )

is incorrect, but it seems to be updating the environment variable.

Scott Ellsworth

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