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From Scott Ellsworth <>
Subject Re: Problem using ant 1.4 under the latest OSX 10.1
Date Wed, 03 Oct 2001 23:01:15 GMT
At 01:20 PM 10/3/2001 +0200, Luc Heinrich wrote:
>I have just upgraded my OSX box to the latest 10.1 version and my ant 
>projects now don't compile anymore. I got this message at the first 
><javac> task:
>/path/to/my/project/build.xml:57: /Users/luc/Library/Java/Extensions not 
>A look at the ant sourcecode shows that the problem occurs when ant builds 
>the jikes command line. The 'java.ext.dirs' property seems to contain 
>directories which do not exist (/Users/luc/Library/Java/Extensions).

Java now has a number of directories in the java.ext.dirs property which do 
not exist.  This is done so that users do not need special configuration to 
put extensions in for their own Java experience.

I know that the javac task drops any paths which are not found in the 
classpath.  Should the task launching jikes do the same?


Scott Ellsworth

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