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From Scott Ellsworth <>
Subject Re: javac include that avoids rebuilding everything?
Date Tue, 02 Oct 2001 23:21:27 GMT
At 02:50 PM 10/2/2001 -0700, Diane Holt wrote:
>--- Scott Ellsworth <> wrote:
> > My build.xml file is in foo/org/metagraph/app/experiment.  Up at the
> > top, I define <property name="src" value="."/>
>You'll need to point "srcdir" (ie., your ${src}) back up to your "foo"
>directory. Either use relatives going back up...

Aha!  I chose the relative option, though both did the same thing.

>Then include the name of the package in the includes, the way you have it

Aha again!

Things appear to be building correctly now for that project.


Scott Ellsworth

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