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From Jim Cheesman <>
Subject Re: Installation problem
Date Thu, 04 Oct 2001 07:02:07 GMT
At 07:33 PM 03/10/01, you wrote:
>--- Dhirendra Kulkarni <> wrote:
> >      is it that if at all i want to customise any task then only i need
> > source?. If iam using ant built in tasks with my own build.xml fie then
> > i do not need source?
> >
> >   I did whatever u said and ran the sample build.xml u had written and
> > it is successful
> >
> >  Now i want clearly understand this
>If you're just using Ant as your build-tool, you don't need any of the Ant
>source -- just put your build-process together into Ant build-files and
>run 'ant' accordingly.
>If you want to write a new task, you shouldn't need the Ant source, either
>. You should be able to just compile your own task source-file(s), using
>'ant', which will include Ant's jar-files in the classpath.

I'd add that if and when you start writing your own tasks, having the 
source there is quite useful - examples are always handy...

(Though, of course, I have to agree with Diane: I've been using ant for the 
last year and I think I've only built it the once - and then only to see if 
I could ;)



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