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From Warren Hedley <whed...@SDSC.EDU>
Subject how do to an if statement?
Date Thu, 18 Oct 2001 01:20:35 GMT
Hi folks,

I've been poring through the Ant documentation and have not noticed that
some useful tasks set the the value of a property to true if a certain
condition is met -- the one I'm interested in is <updtodate>. However,
I can't figure out how to do anything with that value, once I have it.
Clearly I'm missing some fundamental -- how do you do code an "if"
statement based on the value of a property.

To complete the example: I would like to execute some commands if a
particular file is not up-to-date, where the process of bringing it
up to date is not covered by the standard commands. I can check
whether the file is up-to-date, but can't figure out how to only
execute the desired commands if it isn't.

Thanks in advance.

Warren Hedley

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