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From Laszlo Hornyak <>
Subject some beginner questions
Date Wed, 17 Oct 2001 14:59:29 GMT
Hi all!

I am new to ANT, and I like it very much. I have some questions about 
it, and I could`t find ansvers in the mail archive...

-the SQL task fires the statement when it founds a ';' on the end of a 
line. This is ok when using simple DDL`s, but when I wanted to install 
PL/SQL scripts with it, I had troubles. I wrote a new task for PL/SQL 
blocks only, but this solution doesn`t look too elegant. Can you tell me 
how do you run PL/SQL blocks with ANT?

-I placed SQL scripts in multiple files, this makes ANT connect to the 
RDBMS more times, and it takes too much CPU time. Can I run ANT with 
creating 1 connection and using this for all SQL task?

-It seems ANT doesn`t have a IDL interpreter. Now I am using the command 
line with <exec executable="idlj">... but this is not elegant, and not 
portable. How do you create CORBA skeletons?

Laszlo Hornyak

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