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From Sebastien Chassande-Barrioz <>
Subject target with multiple unless
Date Tue, 16 Oct 2001 08:06:45 GMT

I would like to execute a task only if two properties are not set. I 
don't know how to specify the "AND" relation between unless condition in 
target field.

These following solutions doesn't work:

1/ <target name="toto" unless="prop1" unless="prop2">
It is not validated by the xml checker

2/ <target name="toto" unless="prop1,prop2">
This case doesn't work corretly.

3/ <target name="toto" unless="prop1 && prop2">
It is not validated by the xml checker

Do you have an idea ?

Chassande-Barrioz Sebastien
INRIALPES - SIRAC/SARDES Team - ObjectWeb initiative
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