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From Arulazi Dhesiaseelan <>
Subject usage of perforce tasks
Date Thu, 11 Oct 2001 18:17:10 GMT
I need to use perforce tasks in ant for doing a checkout.
Is anybody on the list tried this out.
I have tried this, but I have some problems.
How to specify the location in my machine where the files needs to be
checked out.
Also, how to specify the module (frm perf server) to be checked out in
Presently I use,

<target name="perfco" depends="init">
    <taskdef name="p4sync"
classname="" />
    <taskdef name="p4label"
classname="" />

      desc="Auto Nightly Build"
    <p4sync force="no" />
In the above target, I have specified view="//depot/myproject". But when
I use this target, it checks out all the modules under "//depot".
Why is this? Did I miss something?
I have set the environment vars thru "p4 set" the perf server i srunning)
P4CLIENT=nt44139(my nt box, where the perf client is installed)
P4USER=aruld(user in the perf server)
Do I need to set any thing else?

Thanx in advance.
Thanks &  Regards

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