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From Phil Surette <>
Subject Re: VAJAntTool
Date Tue, 02 Oct 2001 05:24:44 GMT
Probably the VAJAntTool is emulating the behaviour of the
AntRunner (a JBuilder plugin). Ant seems to be moving towards
a convention that targets with descriptions are 'public' and 
others are internal targets which chould not typically be
called from the command line. AntRunner, as of 0.8, allows you to 
display only targets with descriptions, which was a lifesaver
for me because once my build file got reasonably large there
were way too many targets in the dropdown.

So I would say the VAJTool behaviour is a feature, but one
that you should be able to disable.

Jason Rogers wrote:
> It seems that the VAJAntTool does not recognize targets that are missing
> descriptions.  From the code, this is expected behavior.  But, I wonder why
> this is so.  It certainly doesn't suit our purpose (so I have changed it),
> but I wonder if in general it should be testing for the _name_ of the
> target, if anything at all.  Why does it do a test in the first place?
> The code in question (and I have verified it) is
> VAJBuildInfo.updateTargetList()...
> [...]
>         if ( currentTarget.getDescription() != null ) {
>             String targetName = currentTarget.getName();
>             int pos = findTargetPosition ( projectTargets, targetName );
>             projectTargets.insertElementAt(targetName, pos);
>         }
> [...]
> Thanks.
> -Jason

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