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From Diane Holt <>
Subject Re: Please Help me!!!
Date Fri, 19 Oct 2001 18:41:58 GMT
Hi Vincent,

There's a couple of things I'm not sure I understand. One is why you're
using the <java> task to run ejbc -- have you looked at the <ejbc> task
that's available as an optional task?

The other is what you'd expect including a classpath for the <jar> task to
do. All the <jar> task does is jar up whatever files you tell it to, just
like running 'jar' at the command line.


--- Vincent Croft <> wrote:
> Hi list members...
>    I've been looking through the mail list, searching
> for something related to the jar task and Classpath
> but nothing was found there.
>   Also the documentation related to the jar task
> wasn't good enough...
>   I've been having troubles using the java task when
> using the weblogic.ejbc classname...
>   Sometimes an error came out saying that in the jar
> created before the java taks there is a .class
> missing, this one which is in a jar already builded
> it. So, I use a fileset task to put the missing file
> into the building jar
>   This is my point... is there a way to put a
> classpath property in ant to tell the jar task to use
> it?
>   Thank you.
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