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From Diane Holt <>
Subject RE: Including a common build file with common targets.
Date Tue, 16 Oct 2001 14:19:02 GMT
--- Albertus Vermeulen <> wrote:
> Thanks for your input, your solution would mean less lines in the
> build.xml files, but doesn't really provide me with the solution I'm
> looking for. I'm really looking for an equavalent of include in
> makefiles. In our development environment we have seperate components
> that developers are working on. They all need to make the same targets,
> but for their own projects. We currently maintain these "make" targets
> in one file and this ensures that there is very little clutter in the
> Makefiles of each developer. This can't be changed when we move to Ant.

Can you explain a bit more why using the <ant> task won't work for you? I
have a "common" target (eg.) for building parsers in my "main" build.xml
file that lives at the top of the user's workspace (which can be
anywhere). Building a parser in a sub-buildfile <ant>'s the common parser
target, passing the properties it needs to use.  That sounds like what
you're looking to do, but maybe I'm missing something.



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