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From "Frot" <>
Subject Ant references/examples for 'advanced' tasks
Date Fri, 05 Oct 2001 18:16:05 GMT
I also need some help with following topics......

	1. I need to add a target to check the developer environment, e.g. ant version, jdk version
        Any suggestions ???     

     2. A customer deployment task, once thepackage is delivered at customer site this task
         will take over the local deploy...... How ??

     3. We have several projects, all sharing sources from another. How to generate ONE
         web.xml without manual editing each project web.xml

         something like a task which appends source files ?? like

             echo  <tag>  file
             append file1 file
             append file2 file
             echo  </tag> file

         file will now be a valid web.xml

Thanx, Fred

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