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From "Frot" <>
Subject Re: Looking for Ant references/examples
Date Fri, 05 Oct 2001 18:15:03 GMT

We use one (very big) build xml file on top of the project directory.

Specific user settings are stored in file '' and define local distribution
directories. e.g. for local testing, the associated target is ldist.
(user can change these properties to their liking). They can set the distribution
directory to their particular TOMCAT directory, etc

Specific project settings are stored in file '' and define project name,
version, libraries used, classpaths, javadoc classpaths, etc

The build.xml uses all above properties to compile, distribute and package all needed files.
the src directory is the only one under version control, all other are
build generated.

Our dir-structure looks like following :

   /project-name, holds build.xml, &
         /docs    generated javadocs
         /java    generated classfiles
         /......  complete distribution structure for local testing, WEB-INF.....
         /JUnit   junitreport (html) output of unit tests
            /xml  output of junit
      /ServerDist complete distribution for Customer, containing all needed classes, ect
        /src      unit tests, same structure as below, generated using target 'new'
      /src        Sources for eveything
        /java     java stuff
          /..pkg  java packages...
            /test Unit tests for packages
        /jsp      jsp sources
        /html     html sources
        /misc     All other files (filtering is on)
          /db     db creation
          /plsql  .....

Our used targets are following :

     new        = creates minimal src directory structure
     ldist      = compiles all java code, and distrubutes to ldist directory (inc. html&jsp)
     sdist      = compiles all java code, and distrubutes to sdist directory (inc. html&jsp)
                   additionally runs all unit tests & javadoc to be included in distribution
     sdist-ftp  = deploys sdist to a remote server for integration testing
     javadoc    = guess..
     junit      = guess..
     clean      = guess..

Having answered your question I also need some help......

	1. I need to add a target to check the developer environment, e.g. ant version, jdk version
        Any suggestions ???     

     2. A customer deployment task, once thepackage is delivered at customer site this task
         will take over the local deploy...... How ??

     3. We have several projects, all sharing sources from another. How to generate ONE
         web.xml without manual editing each project web.xml
         something like a task which appends source files ?? like
             echo  <tag>  file
             append file1 file
             append file2 file
             echo  </tag> file
         file will now be a valid web.xml

Thanx, Fred


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On 5-10-01 at 9:25 Ralph Jocham wrote:

I am desperately looking for some Ant references.
The Ant documtation itself is too confusing for me.
You get all explained but not how you can combine
and use them.

Examples is that waht I need. The more the better.


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