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From Diane Holt <>
Subject RE: problem with propertyfile task
Date Wed, 03 Oct 2001 19:10:41 GMT
--- wrote:
> Thanks for your help. You're right, it does look reasonably straight 
> forward. One question, though. Shouldn't we read in the properties file 
> AFTER the individual settings, thereby overwriting the defaults? 
> Otherwise, won't the properties get set to the defaults every time?

Nope -- other way around. I put that read-in of the properties file in
there because I don't know whether the file's expected to exist before
your <propertyfile> task runs. If it is, then you need the read-in to make
sure you -don't- overwrite the current settings (as specified in the file)
with your default values (they -will- be overwritten by command-line
defines, which I assume you do want). If the file isn't expected to exist
(ie., you require a command-line define or else the value will be the
default), then you don't actually need that initial read-in of the file
(and I'd assume you have a <delete> for it before your <propertyfile> is
run to allow for subsequent runs in the same tree).



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