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Subject task for creating package informations
Date Thu, 18 Oct 2001 10:39:06 GMT
For some purposes I needed to gather information about available packages. I
made for this an own task. Another question: Is there any simple GUI for ANT
in collaboration with CVS ?
<!-- task for generating package informations -->
<taskdef name="packages" classname="PackageList"/>
<target name="pList" depends="mdir">
  <packages file ="${mfest}\Packages.txt" sourcepath="d:\work">
     <exclude value="com.myfirm.*/com.myfirm.subpackage.*"/>
     <exclude value="ch.admin.pd.audiodisk.*"/>
<!-- allowed operations
     exclude value="com.myfirm.*/com.myfirm.subpackage.*"/> == subtraction
of sets
     exclude value="com.myfirm.A"/>  == exclude only class A
     exclude value="com.myfirm.subpackage.*"/> == exclude all subpackages
Please inform about bugs if you are interested in!
Thomas Kerle
E-mail :  <>

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