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From "Dhirendra Kulkarni" <>
Subject Re: FTP
Date Tue, 09 Oct 2001 12:19:37 GMT
Hello Jason, Thank u very much for the responses.
with following xml file

<target >
    <ftp server=""
    <fileset dir="." >
      <include name="aaa.doc"/>

i could login to ftp server, btw now iam getting error  :
C:\ant\jakarta-ant-1.3\build.xml:23: could not change remote directory: 550
Requested directory not found .

Here is name of my pc where argo ftp server is installed and
in that i have created wtadmin user. but now iam not been able to connect to
remote machine and transfer the file. (i tried giving the ip of remote
machine in ftp server user properties) If u desire i can send u the exe file
of ftp server to look at the problem.


----- Original Message -----
From: Jason Rogers <>
To: 'Dhirendra Kulkarni' <>
Sent: Tuesday, October 09, 2001 8:48 PM
Subject: RE: FTP

>     > hello jason,
>     >    Thanks for the reply. Yes i want to send some file to
>     > remote machine also
>     > on NT . Iam not clear on where are we mentioning the ip
>     > adress of the
>     > machine iam trying to connect. Also i did not understand
>     > that username and
>     > password are assigned by IS department, If i could sit on
>     > that machine then
>     > i will log in to that machine with administrator and
>     > password given. So pl
>     > explain me or probably send one sample file where in some
>     > files are
>     > transfered to remote machine through ftp
> OK.  The remote machine is NT... NT machines do not have the FTP or TELNET
> services running automatically.  You will have to configure this yourself,
> or simply start it up manually.  That should take care of the connection
> refused exception.
> As far as the userid and password... If you are working in a company, you
> probably have a userid and password for the machines you log onto to be
> to do your work.  If your username and password are not valid on the
> you want to FTP to, I guess you'll have to use the admin settings, or get
> to grant you access to the machine.  Most companies have an IS department
> that handles these issues.  Your company may be different... Whoever gave
> you your userid is the one you should contact about this.
> RE: the ip address... as I said in my previous email, the IP address will
> resolved when you use the FTP server's name.  That should happen under the
> covers for you.  I don't know if the FTP task supports using the IP
> directly.  You could try that instead and see if it works.
> -jason

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