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From "Dhirendra Kulkarni" <>
Subject generating javadoc of diff packages under same folder
Date Fri, 26 Oct 2001 04:16:04 GMT
Hi all, Iam trying to generate javadoc of my project my files with javadoc task of Ant. here
i have directory structure is src/ext as shown below. Here i have two java files in query
folder and they both these files are in wt.query package. Rest all java files under ext directory
are in ext.glynwed.* package. My javadoc task in build.xml is as shown below.

                       '-------order(conatin java files)
                                      '------clients (conatin java files)
                                      '------htmlclients (conatin java files)
                                      '------orderbean (conatin java files)
(conatin java files of wt.query package)          

<target name="javadoc">
  <mkdir dir="${build.javadoc}" />
  <javadoc packagenames="ext.glynwed.*"
           windowtitle="Glynwed WT extended API"
           doctitle="Glynwed WT extended API"
           bottom="&#169; Copyright 2001 Parametric Technology Corporation" >
      <link href="../api" offline="true"
    packagelistLoc="${build.dir}/codebase/wt/clients/library/api" />
      <link offline="true" href="" packagelistLoc="${localjava.home}/docs/api"/>

If i remove Windchill_5.1 folder from src/ext then above code works fine, if i include Windchill_5.1
then it gives error saying that
  [javadoc] javadoc: No package, class, or source file found named ext.glynwed.order.Windchill_5.1.src.wt.query.
  [javadoc] 1 error

This is because those two java files in query folder are in wt.querry package. So please tell
me how can i include more than one package . I tried putting wt.* in packagenames attribute
with comma, but it did not work. Also javadoc does not support any include or exclude attributes.

Thanks in advance

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