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From "Kyle Adams" <>
Subject Re: Cannot resolve symbol error
Date Fri, 21 Sep 2001 20:02:31 GMT
>> <javac srcdir="${src.dir}/${project.package}"
> What does ${project.package} resolve to?  You only want to point srcdir up
> to, but not including, where your package directory structure starts.
>>             <pathelement path="${src.dir}"/>
> FYI: You don't need to explicitly include the srcdir directory -- it's
> included (along with destdir) for you automatically.

Here's our directory structure:

d:\ -> dev -> src        -> com -> gfs -> corp -> common
                                                                   -> userManagement
                                                                   -> insertProjectNameHere
                 -> tools
                 -> scripts
                 -> lib
                 -> deploy

When compiling a specific project (say common), ${project.package} resolves to com/gfs/corp/common,
so that only common (and not the rest of the src) gets compiled.  Unfortunately, there are
some circular dependencies between the various projects (we're working on refactoring them
to get rid of that), so ${src.dir} points to the d:\dev\src, and must be included in the classpath
for when the compiler hits a circular dependency.

Figured out that my problem was simply including too many things in the classpath.  I trimmed
the fat out, and everything working fine again.  Thanks for the help - it got me started in
the right direction!


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