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Subject Re: FTP put problems
Date Tue, 18 Sep 2001 11:40:15 GMT
Hi Will,

I had faced a similar problem on Solaris once using Ant FTP task. At that 
time the reason was that the file had the characters "01" in its name and 
for some reason the files in that case were becoming invisible. So I kept 
suspecting that there was a problem with Ant FTP only to realise that even 
ordinary FTP was failing to show up the transferred file. The problem got 
solved when I tried to run 'rm -i *' in that folder!!

Kapil Singh Pawar
Consultant - Integration
i2 Technologies India Private Ltd.
1 Primrose Road
Bangalore 560 025, INDIA
Tel: +91 80 558 1487-90 ext. 2416

Will Dyke <>
09/18/01 04:53 PM
Please respond to ant-user

        To:     "''" <>
        Subject:        FTP put problems

I'm using the following test script to ftp files up to a server

<project name="fakebuild" default="ftp" basedir=".">

  <target name="" if="ftp">
    <available file="" property=""/>

  <target name="ftp" depends=""
    <property file=""/>
    <ftp server="${ftp.server}" userid="${ftp.userid}"
         action="put" binary="yes" verbose="yes">
      <fileset dir=".">
        <include name="*.xml"/>


Running the command line ant -buildfile ftp-test.xml -Dftp=yes -debug
results in the following:

Ant version 1.4 compiled on September 3 2001
Ant version 1.4 compiled on September 3 2001
Buildfile: ftp-test.xml
Detected Java version: 1.3 in: c:\jdk1.3\jre
Detected OS: Windows NT
parsing buildfile D:\ant\1.4\bin\ftp-test.xml with URI =
Project base dir set to: D:\ant\1.4\bin
Build sequence for target `ftp' is [, ftp]
Complete build sequence is [, ftp]

 [property] Loading D:\ant\1.4\bin\
      [ftp] Opening FTP connection to
      [ftp] connected
      [ftp] logging in to FTP server
      [ftp] login succeeded
      [ftp] disconnecting


Total time: 1 second

No files are uploaded however. Snooping the ftp port at the server end 
confirms that everything apart from the upload goes ok. I'm guessing the
is my <fileset> but can anyone confirm this or suggest an alternative

Will Dyke

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