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Subject Telnet Task - who to get the output of any started process immediately
Date Tue, 11 Sep 2001 10:49:34 GMT
I'm using the telnet task to login to a Linux Box
and start another Ant process there.

Right now I can see the output of the remote ant process
not before it has finished executing.

I would like to see all the output of the remote Ant Task
immediately (while it is executing) in the window of my
local Ant process.

Is this possible? If yes - how?

I already tried writing several <read> - tags,
but this is not what I actually want.

       <write>cd projects/TKBWebApp</write>
       <write>ant -buildfile build.webapp.xml</write>
       <!-- read>ome/wasadm/projects/TKBWebApp</read -->
       <!-- Wir warten auf die Ausgabe der Dauer des Build Prozesses.
       <!-- Diese lautet >>Total time: XXX seconds<< und ist der letzte
Output.  -->

Any help is very much appreciated.

Mit freundlichen Grüssen

A. Grimm

MAN Nutzfahrzeuge AG
Anton Grimm
Abt. IDP (SoftwareProduktionsumgebungen)
80995 München

Tel.:      089/1580-1054
Fax:      089/1580-911054

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