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Subject Re: Problem with ejbc and jikes
Date Tue, 18 Sep 2001 14:42:39 GMT
Hi Saneesh,

The reason for this is that while compiling the package containing the 
bean .java files, javac is resolving the interdependencies (this does not 
happen for Jikes). I once encountered a similar problem and worked aroung 
by splitting the javac of the .java files into multiple parts. 

In your case needs EbeanPS.class for compilation (only 
in case of Jikes, javac resolves this automatically). However the 
compilation of goes happens only after EbeanPSTopLink.. 

A workaround in your case can be to exclude EbeanPSTopLink during first 
round of <javac> and add one more <javac> task for this file alone. 

But I am sure there must be a better way of doing this :-)

Kapil Singh Pawar
Consultant - Integration
i2 Technologies India Private Ltd.
1 Primrose Road
Bangalore 560 025, INDIA
Tel: +91 80 558 1487-90 ext. 2416

Saneesh Joseph <>
09/18/01 06:12 AM
Please respond to ant-user

        Subject:        Problem with ejbc and jikes

I am trying to use jikes compiler in my ant ejbc step 
to make it faster. Our current build takes close to an
hour. We are using Toplink for Weblogic for CMP. I am
supplying all the toplink xml-descriptors, ejb-jar and
weblogic xmls and the home,remote and implementation
classes in one jar(which comes to around 400 files) as
the input to ejbc. During ejbc, TopLink creates some
java files for its use and compiles them, which are
inturn used by some other similarly generated java
files. For example, lets assume we have an entity bean
Ebean. Toplink creates class EbeanPS.class and another
javafile which implements EbeanPS.
Now, when I am using the regular javac/classic
compilers, it is going through fine. But, when I am
using jikes as the compiler, it doesn't go through
saying that "While compiling, it
couldn't find EbeanPS.class". Now, when I examined the
ejbcgen directory, I could see the required class
under it. I tried giving the ejbcgen directory in the
classpath, but ejbc errored out saying that the
destination file of ejbc can't be given in classpath.
The following is the step which I am using in my
build.xml :-
<java classname="weblogic.ejbc" 
       <arg value="-compiler" />
       <arg value="jikes" />
       <arg value="-nowarn" />
       <arg value="Beans.jar" />
      <arg value="BeansEJBC.jar" />
Any help on the above issue is greatly appreciated..
Thanks and Regards,
Saneesh J.

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