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Subject Re: using Available for presence of ANY files
Date Mon, 10 Sep 2001 19:43:46 GMT

In our incremental build process, the entire deployment directory structure
is created, even if there are no files to be copied to a particular

I have just tried removing the explicit <mkdir> stmts for the entire
deployment directory structure in our incremental build process, and
instead, let each <copy> stmt create whatever directories it needs.  Doing
it this way now guarantees that if a given directory structure exists at
the conclusion of the build process, there WILL be files in it.

I then modified <available> as per your suggestion, and it worked the first

Thanks for the suggestion.

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Would the directory exist if there aren't any files in it? If not, you can
ask <available> to check for the directory itself existing, rather than
checking for any files in it. (If it would, I'll need to think about :)


--- wrote:
> I am looking to use <available/> to determine the presence/absence of
> files (i.e., one or more files) in a directory, as a condition of
> whether
> to run a subsequent FTP target that would tranfer the files to a remote
> server.  I tried using wildcards in the 'file' attribute:
> <target name="myPropertiesPresent">
>      <available property="myProperties.present"
> file="c:\properties\*.*">
> </target>
> <target name="ftpToServer" depends="myPropertiesPresent" if
> ="myProperties.present">
> <ftp...</ftp>
> </target>
> But the log says:
> myPropertiesPresent:
> [available] Unable to find file c:\properties\*.* to set property
> myProperties.present
> Does anyone know a way of using <available/> to accomplish this? If not,
> what other Ant task might accomplish the equivalent?
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> Ronald Signorino
> Technical Analyst - Chubb Corporation
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