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From "Brian S. Paskin"<>
Subject Cyclic errors
Date Mon, 24 Sep 2001 08:10:32 GMT

I am still having the problem with cyclic errors with the javac 1.1.8 
compiler under AIX 4.3.  Sun says this is a known bug under 1.1 of the 
compiler.  As someone suggested before, I am going to install jikes.

This is really not an Ant problem, but I cannot find a built version of 
Jikes for AIX 4.3.3.  The client refuses to install c++ on the machine, 
except for the runtime, so I cannot build it.  Can someone direct me to 
a built version?

But before I try jikes, is there another solution to compile a bunch of 
classes?  Currently I am using the <include name=""/> tags in the 
<javac> to specify the packages that need to be compiled.  Is this the 
best way?

Thanks in advance.

Regards / Saluti / mit Freundlichen GrŘ▀en,
"Domani sarÓ un giorno migliore vedrai"

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