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From "tc" <>
Subject Problem with v1.4 and the J2EE tutorial
Date Tue, 25 Sep 2001 00:06:06 GMT
I don't know if this has been reported yet. I made a cursory check of the
archives and didn't see anything.

I had major problems with ant v1.4 and the J2EE tutorial that were solved by
moving back to ant v1.3.

Since Sun explicitly uses an ant build.xml in the j2ee tutorial, there are
no other choices. If there is lack of backwards compatability (and i didn't
just miss a switch or something) then it might be wise to post this on the
web site. The only way I was able to get v1.3 was to go to the v1.4 download
page and then manually edit the URL to get me to v1.3. So it might be good
to create an obvious link to the previous version.

I know this is not an actual bug with ant, but seeing as how ant explicitly
supports java/j2ee etc, there should at least be a notice.

If there is a ant [-v1.3] switch or something in ant v1.4, a note somewhere
obvious would be useful.

jon (aka HackerX)

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