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From "Bill Carey" <>
Subject Newbie question: Multiple UnJars.
Date Sun, 23 Sep 2001 17:27:42 GMT
    I appologize if I'm sending this message to the list twice, but I'm 
using a brain-dead web MUA and I'm not sure if the original went out.

    I'm an ANT newbie and I'm trying to unjar a set of jar files in a given 
directory and then jar them into a single big jar.  Unfortunately, the Unjar 
task only takes a single file as an arg and I have no a priori knowledge as 
to what jars will be in the source directory.  It seems I could use SCRIPT 
in the optional tasks distribution, but I'm concerned I'd lose portability 
if I embedded say PERL in the build config.  I think there's probably a way 
to do this using AntCall(), but I've been unable to figure how.  I also 
looked briefly at writing my own task, but the ANT API docs haven't been 
cooked yet.  Can anyone provide me with some pointers on the best way to do 

                                      Thanks in advance,

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