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From "Nasgowitz, Mark (MED, GEMS-IT)" <>
Subject RE: questions about handling failed <mail> task
Date Fri, 21 Sep 2001 12:48:26 GMT
I looked in to mimemail but would rather not install a optional jars. As
for my skill in Java unfortunately I think I would have better luck
installing the jars (done it before).
I think at this point I will work on using mimemail and see how that
goes.... thanks

I have another few issues that I would like to through out.

1. I would like to use a 'master' build.xml file that can kick off a
number of other build.xmls.
the only thing is that I do not want to wait for each of the build.xmls
to finish. Otherwise the slowest process holds all others from
completing. Currently I do this sequentially and the data gets published
to a web site.

2. I think that all tasks should be allowed to fail or not
(failonerror). This way the process(build.xml) can make a decision how
it wants to handle the situation. This would allow other processes to
continue and possibly echo information that would indicate the problem,
but still continue. The reason I mention this is that some of the tasks
I have are more 'nice to have' and if they fail that is not a problem,
but I must run through the entire build.xml.

thanks Diane for your continued help on this board!

-----Original Message-----
From: Diane Holt []
Sent: Thursday, September 20, 2001 5:32 PM
Subject: Re: questions about handling failed <mail> task

--- "Nasgowitz, Mark (MED, GEMS-IT)" <> wrote:
> I use the <mail> task to email data during the build.xml process.
> Recently our mail server configuration must have changes because the
> mail task now fails. The fact that the mail task fails is not the main
> problem, the problem is that when the mail task fails Ant exits/stops.
> would like the build.xml script to continue with its work and just
> ignore that fact that the mail task failed.
> is that possible?.. any suggestions

Can you use the optional <mimemail> task instead? It has a "failonerror"
attribute. (Alternatively, are you up for adding a "failonerror"
to the <mail> task? :)


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