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From "sebastien alegret" <>
Subject Ant VSS tasks trouble
Date Thu, 13 Sep 2001 15:40:49 GMT

Maybe you will be able to answer my problem with VSS ant tasks.
For the moment, in order to extract stuffs from VSS, I'm using a batch file.
The two main lines are:

set ssdir=F:\MyProject\Vss (F is a W2K network drive)
ss Get $/IIP/MyAppli -GLC:\ant\bin -I- -R "-VLPackage
v1.0" -Ymyname,mypasswd

I want to use ant tasks in order to do the job for me.
My problem is the following:

I'm using the task:
<target name="test" depends="init">
<vssget localPath="./sources" serverPath="F:\MyProject\myAppli"
label="Package v1.0"
And the command line generated by ant is the same than the first one (ss GET
....) but apparently, the set on the ssdir variable is not done.
The error message is:
C:\ant\bin\build.xml:28: CreateProcess: ss Get
$/IIP/myAppli -GLC:\ant\bin\sources -I- -R "-VLPackage v1.0"
-Ymyname,mypasswd error=2

In fact, the same task without the serverPath attribute gives me the same
result. The serverPath attribute seems to be useless.
My problem is how can I do my VSS get if I have several VSS DB and if I want
to select one of them

If you have a solution and a little bit time to loose in order to help me,
it would be excellent.


     Sebastien Alegret
     Imagine Broadband SARL
     Job title

p    c/o Accenture, 449 route des CrĂȘtes, 06902, Sophia Antipolis, France
t    +33 (0) 492 94 7586
f    +33 (0) 492 94 6797
m   +33 (0) 6xx xx xxxx

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