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From "Matt Lyon" <>
Subject RE: Ant 1.4, RMIC, and weblogic....
Date Wed, 05 Sep 2001 16:50:40 GMT
This post may be veering dangerously close to containing material that
would be better sent to a weblogic discussion group listserver, but just
to close the loop on this thread, I saw Conor's follow-up about adding
your patch to handle passing arguments to the compiler. FYI, I had tried
adding weblogic.jar to ant\lib prior to my initial post on this thread
and the problem of Ant not being able to invoke weblogic.rmic still
In any case, as you alluded to, this workaround (e.g. placing
weblogic.jar in ant\lib) is not an ideal solution anyway. In my case, I
have several packages with a compile-time dependency on jdom.jar, and I
have found that I therefore have to be careful to make sure that
weblogic.jar comes after jdom.jar on my <javac/> CLASSPATH parameter, as
weblogic.jar contains an old SAXParser. 
For the time being, I've decided to revert to using <java/> to execute
weblogic.rmic as follows:
  <java classname="weblogic.rmic" 
    <arg line="-d ${startup}
I have a huge back-end/front-end integration deadline I'm trying to nail
and I don't really have the cycles to try and debug the issue with Ant
at the moment. At some point I'll revisit the issue. I probably need to
tweak some CLASSPATH settings and my build.xml code to locate the magic
"make-it-go" button.

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From: Daniel Hoppe []
Sent: Tuesday, September 04, 2001 4:45 PM
To: ''
Subject: RE: Ant 1.4, RMIC, and weblogic....

I posted this as a problem on ant-dev a week ago. For me it won't run if
I don't put the weblogic stuff into the ant lib directory. I looked at
the code and it seems that the actual compiler will not use the nested
classpath (I might be wrong here, not too sure). The problem is that the
weblogic 6.1 libs break other functionality. The task from the CVS had
another problem, I think it was broken. I sent what I think is a
correction, but I guess that due to the 1.4 release stress noone looked
at it until now.
You can try to put weblogic.jar into the ant lib directory, again, other
tasks - especially xml related things - might fail if you do...

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From: Phil Beiler []
Sent: Tuesday, September 04, 2001 8:25 PM
Subject: RE: Ant 1.4, RMIC, and weblogic....

I must have been seeing things this morning, because as soon as I mailed
my earlier question (about clustering options) I am now getting the same
error as Matt... I have not been able to make it work again today...
So any information on this problem would also be helpful...
class added as
rvice\PropertiesServiceImpl_WLStub.class doesn't exist.
     [rmic] RMI Compiling 1 class to \opt\Deploy\.build\webapp
     [rmic] Using WebLogic rmic
     [rmic] Compilation args: -noexit -d c:\opt\Deploy\.build\webapp
     [rmic] File to be compiled:
C:\home\sxupjb\Source\CE\src\webapp\ Cannot use
WebLogic rmic, as it is not available A common solution is to set the
environment variable CLASSPATH.

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From: Matt Lyon []
Sent: Tuesday, September 04, 2001 1:26 PM
Subject: RE: Ant 1.4, RMIC, and weblogic....

Fellow Ant Users,
The rmic task seems to work for me only when I do not try to use the
weblogic rmic compiler. If I set the magic property build.rmic=weblogic
in an external file, I see the following error output:
     [rmic] RMI Compiling 1 class to C:\latest\starman\Build\startup
     [rmic] Class not found :
C:\latest\starman\projects\Master\front_end.xml:396: Error starting
WebLogic rmic:
For whatever reason, the task ceases to be able to locate the class,
although it is there, and cannot invoke the weblogic rmic class for an
unspecified reason. C:\bea\wlserver6.0\lib\weblogic.jar is appended to
my system CLASSPATH. I have also tried placing weblogic.jar in
C:\ant\lib (a.k.a. ANT_HOME) and setting includeJavaRuntime="yes" in the
task to no avail. The relevant build.xml snippet is as follows:
  <rmic base="${startup}"
    <classpath refid="startupcp"/>
I am quite sure the issues I am having are due to operator error(s) and
that I am overlooking some fundamental configuration or code error, but
I am baffled. Does anyone have any insight?

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From: Phil Beiler []
Sent: Tuesday, September 04, 2001 8:55 AM
To: ANT User Group
Subject: Ant 1.4, RMIC, and weblogic....

The new rmic task worked like a champ, but I see no way to provide
options to the weblogic.rmic command?  Specifically, I need to specify
the -clusterable option...
What am I missing?
Thanks. Phil


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