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From Daniel Martin <>
Subject Re: Printable versions of the user manual available
Date Mon, 10 Sep 2001 14:19:30 GMT
"Conor MacNeill" <> writes:

> Looks good. There is definitely a demand. I do like the result (although I
> wouldn't use up paper to actually print it). I think the best thing would be
> to put this on the Ant website. What do you think?.

That's my goal, though first I want to iron out a few wrinkles.

> BTW, I have two issues.
> It would be better to generate from the 1.4 documentation in the release
> kit, as it has the version number of the release in the documentation.

True.  I may instead just have my perl script replace the @VERSION@
string itself; I don't think that there are any other (intentional -
see bug 3425) differences between what's tagged in the cvs and what's
in the release kit.

> In the PDF, the bookmark titles have Euro currency symbols. Not sure what
> that is caused by.

Yes, that's a much deeper issue with html2ps and the vagueries of
non-ascii character set encodings.  If I come up with a good solution
to it, I'll be improving my copy of html2ps; it stems most immediately
from the fact that the character that is non-breaking-white-space in
the adobe character encoding is apparently the euro sign in recent
versions of the PDFDocEncoding.  This means that I need to adjust the
postscript produced by html2ps a bit, which could get tricky.  If
there were any &nbsp; charaters in the actual titles themselves, they
too would become euro signs.

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