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From "Jason Rogers" <>
Subject RE: Trouble with CVS Add and Import
Date Mon, 24 Sep 2001 13:32:42 GMT
Providing us with the error message will help.

Some things to look for...

Add should be done in the directory that contains the file, I believe.

Import should be done from a temp directory with the -I ! param set in order
to reset the files to ignore (whatever that means).  Here's an example:

You have in CVS a directory structure, External/Java.
You want to import Ant such that the structure will look like
External/Java/Ant (with all of the subdirs and files contained in Ant).

mv <current_Location>/Ant /tmp/Ant
cd /tmp/Ant
cvs import -I ! -m "Importing Ant into External code base" External/Java


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