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From Anthony Rodriguez <>
Subject RE: using ant in the deploy process
Date Fri, 21 Sep 2001 17:11:17 GMT
Thanks for all you help, Diane.  I will answer you questions in order they
were asked:

>And the procedure used to get the files to the different servers will be
>the same? (Ie., you can write a single target for getting them over there,
>and you just need to pass it the server name for each one you're putting
>them out to?)

1) That is exactly what I intended to do.  I would have a target named
"deploy" that would take a servername as a parameter.  If you look way back
to the first post of this thread that is what I sketched out in some

>How do you plan to specify to the build which server(s) to put the files
>out to?

2) I answered that later in the message and you address it in the next

><script> may be usable in some way, but first I need to know the answer to
>the above question.  In your pseudo-code, you comment that the server
>names will come from a properties file -- is that your plan, to have a
>properties file that you put the server names in each time before you run
>your build?

3) That is how I plan to do it.  I have a file called  It
is loaded up in a target called "init" in my deploy.xml file.  I would have
a variable in the properties file called "site".  I wanted this variable to
be able to take one or more servernames, kind of like a list.  After further
thought I realized I could simulate this by incrementing a number and
appending it to a prefix.  So, I would use 2 variables in the properties
file "site" and "sitenum". So site=server and sitenum=1.  Then I could
increment sitenum every time I call the deploy target so that I can deploy
to server1, server2, etc.  That would solve my need for a list or array
  However I'm still left with the problem of iterating.  I would need a
target, possibly the using the script task, that could iteratively call the
deploy target many times.  Every time the deploy target is called it would
be passed the ${site}${sitenum + 1}.  Any thoughts on this?


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