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Subject RE: VSSGET on 1.4
Date Fri, 07 Sep 2001 08:25:38 GMT

autoresponse?  Its in the vsscheckin task, but its not documented in the
vssget task.

In response to your answers, the folder rules was permanently destroyed.
(Which is a big mistake)

Anyway - I found that by executing the SS.EXE command with all the
parameters from ANT outside of ANT, I got the
same thing - so its an SS.EXE problem.

The answering of N to everything comes from the -I- option to SS.EXE.  You
can omit this, and it asks you the questions.

However, it gets so far and states that it can't write a file - maybe the
disk is full.  I tracked this down as a bug in 
Microsoft's knowledgebase and I downloaded Visual Studio Service Pack 5 -
which seems to have fixed it.

I'm changing the ANT script, since labelled checking out at a top level
fails.  I will use filesets (if that's possible) and check
out only the sub-projects I want.  If I can't use filesets, then I'll have
separate vssget tasks for each sub-project.

The seems to work from the command line - I just need to put it into ANT.

Newly labelled things work - so versions after this are OK.



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