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Subject VSSGET on 1.4
Date Thu, 06 Sep 2001 10:06:03 GMT
The VSSGET task has suddenly stopped working.  A sub-directory was removed
from the Source Safe repository, and now VSSGET complains.  I have a feeling
its an SS.EXE problem, but it works fine when I perform the task from the
Source Safe client.

I had a feeling that it might be because its required for an earlier
version, so I re-added the project and labelled it as the version.  But this
still fails.

Anyone have any idea's as to why it is failing?

The XML task to perform the operation is:

<vssget	localPath="${dist}/build/com"

The output is:

[vssget] $/com
[vssget] $/syntegra
[vssget] Set D:\distribution\\build\com as the default folder for the
project $/com?(Y/N)N
[vssget] Project $rules has been destroyed, and cannot be rebuilt.
[vssget] Continue anyway?(Y/N)N


Any idea's ?



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