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From "Brown, Sheldon" <>
Subject RE: timestamp issues
Date Fri, 07 Sep 2001 11:48:43 GMT
Your best bet might be to do a "clean build" to eliminate the compiled
classes and deployed jars.  It will take much longer to build but will
ensure everything is built that should be.

Otherwise, look into ntpdate.  Its trivial to install, available free from, and runs on most platforms.  It will
synchronize you system clocks with public time servers. 

Good luck,


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From: Brian Sheehan []
Sent: Friday, September 07, 2001 7:35 AM
Subject: timestamp issues


I'm running into timestamp issues using ant. The general problem is that the
clock on my cvs server is out of sync with the clock on my own machine (cvs
server clock is fast). Consequently, some targets are not being carried out
because old copies of  files from the cvs server appear to be newer than
what are really newer copies of the files on my machine:

cvs co project
(checks out project with sub dirs src and deploy. deploy contains the most
recent good build)

ant compile
(this creates classes dir under project and puts newly compiled class files

ant deploy
(this intended to copy files from the temporary staging dir classes into the
deploy dir, which is part of the cvs repository. It is because this classes
dir is not part of the cvs repository that I am having problems - it is out
of sync with the rest of the project tree)

When the deploy target looks at the class files under the classes dir it
thinks that they are older than the ones currently in the deploy dir, so it
does nothing.

Are there any facilites in ant to combat this (I know there is a protocol
out there somewhere for syncing clocks over a network, but I thought ant
might have something a little simpler to deal with this problem).

thanks for any help,

Brian Sheehan


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