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From Eric Smith <>
Subject cross-platform rsync?
Date Thu, 27 Sep 2001 11:23:46 GMT
The objective is to have a single ant build configuration file for Windows
NT/2000 and UNIX platforms;

Currently files are sourced from both the version control system
(SourceSafe) and an SMB share on a public server.  The reason for the share
is that for this project, there are a large number of binaries, some of
which are very big and aren't expected to change often (if at all) - the
sacrifice of no version control on these files is deemed acceptable in
comparison to clogging up the version control system with binaries (and
making the build process so slow that it is unusable).

At the moment, rsync is the tool used to synchronise files from the share -
this works very well and is extremely fast under UNIX.  It is not currently
supported under Windows since rsync is a UNIX utility.  Since the Windows
builds have to happen on developer machines (Win2000) I don't want to have
to make things any more complicated than they need to be under Windows and
for this reason am trying to avoid the need to install cygwin dll's just so
that developers can run a version of rsync under Windows.  Another reason
for not wanting to use rsync under Windows is that it isn't really supported
(I'll have to compile my own version under Cygwin and then maintain this
with later releases).

My question is:  Is there a 'clean' cross-platform solution (obviously
preferably based in Java) for syncing files across file systems?  Given that
there is already built-in support for certain version control systems in ant
I would imagine that there is a need for this over the rather crude ftp/http
get (which does not support deltas).


Eric Smith
Systems Architect
DiscoveryWorld, Discovery Health

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