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From Jim White <>
Subject Re: Problem with ejbc and jikes
Date Tue, 18 Sep 2001 15:35:04 GMT
At 05:42 PM 9/17/2001 -0700, Saneesh Joseph wrote:
>I am trying to use jikes compiler in my ant ejbc step
>to make it faster. Our current build takes close to an
>hour. We are using Toplink for Weblogic for CMP. I am

I do that this way:

       <ejbjar srcdir="${build.classes}"
          <weblogic compiler="${ejbc.compiler}" args="${ejbc.args}"
              <classpath refid="prog.ejb.classpath"/>
          <include name="ejb-jar.xml"/>
          <exclude name="weblogic-ejb-jar.xml"/>

The property ejbc.compiler is set to either "jikes" or "javac".  Which is 
actually quite annoying since I also use a property for the compiler in the 
javac tasks and must be set to either "jikes" or "modern" ("javac" not 
being legal but should be an alias for "modern" or perhaps "classic").

Don't forget that Jikes needs the rt.jar in the classpath.  And of course 
all of the classes used must be accessible in the classpath too, regardless 
of which compiler.


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