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From Paul Michali <>
Subject Re: How to run a background app?
Date Thu, 20 Sep 2001 21:27:13 GMT
Chris Flemetakis wrote:
> I have never used the parallel task but it does sound to me like what you
> should use..
> I would also suggest using sleep after you start your parallel tasks to give
> the app server time to start up before you begin your junit tests
> If it it a weblogic server you might also be able to utilize the wlstart and
> wlstop features of ant to ensure a "clean" startup and shutdown of all
> procedures.

Unfortunately not. It is a freeware Java based mail server that I use
some of my JUnit tests and I'm trying several ways to make sure this is
running, before I run the tests.

I've got a few postings trying to figure out how to do this from Ant,
with a
custom task to test to see if it is running. I'm also exploring how to
this server off, from inside my JUnit tests.

I'm stuck on the Ant way, as I can't figure out how to spawn the server.
have one suggestion to spawn the server as part of the custom task (I
wanted to try to do it from Ant, since it is a Java app). In digging in
docs, I came across the <parallel> feature, but I haven't given it a

I'm stuck on the JUnit way, as I'm not sure how to perform this startup
once. One suggestion was using the TestSetup (see other thread), but I'm
not sure if that will work, when running from Ant (but maybe I just
understand all this :^).

I'm trying to get a handle on each of the ways, figure out which ones
and understand the pros and cons of each way.

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