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From Scott Russell <>
Subject Re: question about javac dependencies!!!
Date Mon, 17 Sep 2001 13:51:58 GMT

Are you doing imports that end in an asterisk for your own, dependent files? If so, try making
explicit imports for just those components you're using.

for example:
	instead of...
import ../Arquitecture/util/*
import ../Arquitecture/util/Fu
import ../Arquitecture/util/Bar

Hope this helps...


"Edgar Sánchez" wrote:
>   Hi Frank thanks for the reply...
>     There is a part when you talk about that javac
> looks for .java files to compile and then if there is
> no file compiled or if not updated, javac do the
> job.... Well in my case, using the javac ant tag
> doesn't compile the java files need to proceed with
> the rest of the project compilation.
>   All this jumps up to me, coz when I'm in the DOS
> command session window, I do the javac in an specific
> directory, and the javac runs fine, but when I try to
> use the same procedure just using javac Ant, it come
> out a several errors saying that the package is not
> builded.
>   Thats why I'm at looking for the truth, too :-)
>   Thanks
> Edgar
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