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From David Stagner <>
Subject Re: How to javac *only* the .java file I am currently editting?
Date Fri, 14 Sep 2001 20:14:28 GMT
James Bullington wrote:
> My fellow Minnesotan,
> I hope that the comment about C++ was also sarcasm??? <wink, wink>
> --Jim

Not really.  I find C++ to be pretty much hideous and awful.  Of course,
i've never used it for large-scale projects, so i can't hate it
properly.  But i know enough to know that i'm much, much happier using
Java.  Anything too low-level for Java is almost certainly better done
in C than C++.  At one point, i read on Slashdot where Stroustrup was
claiming C++ makes a perfectly good systems language.  At the time, i
was messing with the 16/32 bit thunking in the Linux kernel
initialization routines.  Of course, C++ assumes you're working in flat
32-bit protected memory - it's impossible to use in thunking, or device
drivers, or many other low-level situations. 

But the killers are language complexity, and a poor library.  You can't
solve every problem by adding new keywords.

David Stagner

National Marrow Donor Program
3001 Broadway Street NE
Broadway Ridge Suite 500
Minneapolis, MN  55413


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