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From Eryq <>
Subject Re: How to javac *only* the .java file I am currently editting?
Date Fri, 14 Sep 2001 02:57:00 GMT
Conor MacNeill wrote:

> It cannot be done unless you are prepared to put support for this into the buildfile.
Typically this could be accomodated by having a new target, which is only run if a property
is defined. That property would be set to the file name to be compiled and would be used to
adjust the include pattern for javac. The normal compile target would set this pattern to
compile all files. You would then need to configure emacs to ask for the special target and
pass the property specifiying the file to be compiled.

Ummm... given that "make" has had pattern-based targets 
for *decades*, doesn't this strike you as kind of a glaring 
omission for a tool that seeks to replace "make", and 
whose documentation talks about "make"'s shortcomings?
If I'm using an editor to edit a single file, 
the most typical action is to rebuild the thing I'm editting, 
particularly in the rapid compile-oops_a_typo-edit-recompile 
loop.  The second-most-typical action is to rebuild all
files in that same directory.  Rebuilding the world 
comes in third because it takes so darn long.

I don't mind having to tell "ant" something like:

	ant compile -class com.zeegee.Foo.class

but not having this be part of the core functionality
is irritating from a developer standpoint.

Is there any plan to add pattern-based targets to
"ant", along the lines of make's typical "here's
how to build a target which looks like X"?


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