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From "Summerwill, Bob" <>
Subject Timing parts of the build.
Date Mon, 10 Sep 2001 11:30:29 GMT
Has anyone got any recommendations on timing parts an Ant build?  I'd like
to be able to place the timing for part of the build in a Ant property, so
it can be used in XSLT transforms, etc.
Pseudocode ....
<target name="example">
     <timedSection name="build.time">
         <!-- do some part of the build, which generates a log file. -->
     <!-- Add the timing information to the build log. -->
     <style in="buildLog.xml" out="timedBuildLog.xml"
         <param name="howLongItTook" value="${build.time}"/>
Is timing information available?  Is there a simple way to do something

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