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From Diane Holt <>
Subject Re: Ant 1.4 question with usage in JBoss
Date Tue, 18 Sep 2001 23:06:41 GMT
--- Arpita Chattopadhyay <> wrote:
> do you know anything about this exception below ? 
> C:\jb_tom\jboss2_4\jboss\examples\build>ant intro-interest-compile
> Buildfile: build.xml
> C:\jb_tom\jboss2_4\jboss\examples\build\build.xml:16: You must specify
> value, location or refid with the name attribute

Ant prints that error when the <property> task is missing a "value",
"location", or "refid" attribute to go with the "name" attribute. In other
words, if there's a <property> task like:

  <property name="foo"/>

instead of like one of:

  <property name="foo" value="bar"/>
  <property name="foo" location="/usr/local/foofile"/>
  <property name="foo" refid="fooID"/>

I can't say why the build.xml file would have a broken <property>, or what
the actual correction should be, since I don't know anything about the
JBoss stuff or what the copy of the build.xml you have looks like.



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