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From Edgar "Sánchez" <>
Subject Re: question about javac dependencies!!!
Date Sat, 15 Sep 2001 15:30:49 GMT
  Hi Frank thanks for the reply...

    There is a part when you talk about that javac
looks for .java files to compile and then if there is
no file compiled or if not updated, javac do the
job.... Well in my case, using the javac ant tag
doesn't compile the java files need to proceed with
the rest of the project compilation.

  All this jumps up to me, coz when I'm in the DOS
command session window, I do the javac in an specific
directory, and the javac runs fine, but when I try to
use the same procedure just using javac Ant, it come
out a several errors saying that the package is not

  Thats why I'm at looking for the truth, too :-)




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