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Subject RE: Any way to test if on unix/linux, mac, windows, etc?
Date Fri, 21 Sep 2001 11:52:00 GMT

I'm using the following to set paths based on O/S (Ant 1.3), and it appears
to work but it does mean you have to find a file that's uniq to your O/S and
you have more than 1 properties file ( for NT, and for UNIX)!

	<target name="setProperties">
		<echo message="Set base environment variables from
		<property file="${ssab.propertyFile}"/>	

	<target name="validate">
		<available property="ssab.propertyFile"
value="" file="c:\autoexec.bat"/>
		<available property="ssab.propertyFile"
value="" file="/dev/null"/>

	<target name="init" depends="validate,setProperties">
		<property name="ssab.distributionLatest"
		<property name="ssab.distributionArchive"
		<!-- Create the build directory structure used by compile
		<mkdir dir="${ssab.classesDir}"/>
		<mkdir dir="${ssab.libDir}"/>

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From: Kevin Duffey []
Sent: 21 September 2001 05:56
Subject: Any way to test if on unix/linux, mac, windows, etc?


I have built scripts for windows only, and now I need a "cross-platform" 
script. Almost everything in the script should work fine to build my java 
projects, but I do have the problem of "paths". I am wondering if there is 
a way to conditionally check and/or set the path based on the platform it 
is being run on?


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