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From Jesse Stockall <>
Subject Re: cross-platform rsync?
Date Thu, 27 Sep 2001 13:30:37 GMT
On Thu, 2001-09-27 at 07:23, Eric Smith wrote:
> The objective is to have a single ant build configuration file for Windows
> NT/2000 and UNIX platforms;
> Currently files are sourced from both the version control system
> (SourceSafe) and an SMB share on a public server.  The reason for the share
> is that for this project, there are a large number of binaries, some of
> which are very big and aren't expected to change often (if at all) - the
> sacrifice of no version control on these files is deemed acceptable in
> comparison to clogging up the version control system with binaries (and
> making the build process so slow that it is unusable).

We do something similar. Our central "share" also has external libraries
that we need at build time. Instead of copying the files from the
central machine before the build starts, I pull them from the central
share as needed during the build.

First I add the following line to the build file.
<property file="${user.home}/" />

The I place a file called "" in each users home directory
/home/username on Unix
c:\documents and settings\username on Win2000

In the "" I put the line
"shared = /java" if /java is the mount point for the NFS mount.
On Windows it is "shared = t:" if t: is the drive mapped to the central

Then in the build file I have lines like:
<pathelement location="${shared}/lib/log4j.jar" />
<copy file="${shared}/bin/JavaService.exe" todir="${dist}/bin"/>

It works great for us & it also allows each developer to override
properties in the build file by adding lines to their

Yes there is a speed penalty but I would think it would be less than
trying to rsync the whole repository.

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